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Themes and topics SPS16

A1. Manufacturing processes

  • New technologies in manufacturing
  • Advanced materials processing
  • Monitoring and optimization of manufacturing processes
  • Metrology and integrity of manufactured surfaces
  • Additive manufacturing, prototyping and powder technology
  • Process optimization with respect to manufacturing costs and performance
  • Process modelling and simulations
  • Green and energy efficient manufacturing
  • Material efficiency and recycling

 A2. Tool materials and their application

  • Novel tool materials
  • Non CRM-based tools
  • New tooling concepts
  • Tool optimization principles
  • Tool performance testing

B. Robotics, machine tools and automation

  • Robotics in added value applications
  • Robot-based machining, performance and accuracy
  • Level of automation, models and principles
  • Machine tools performance
  • Dynamics of machine tools

C. Integrated product and production development

  • Product design and manufacture
  • Production costs related to material selection, design and tolerances
  • Design of products, systems, families and platforms
  • Product, process and factory integrated design
  • Ramp-up and industrialization
  • Servitization, functional sales, forward/vertically integration
  • Remanufacturing, maintenance and repair

D. Business models, strategic enterprise planning and global sustainability

  • Globalization, strategic sourcing and production location
  • Decision support systems and models
  • Performance measurement and management
  • Lean, green, flexible and agile operations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Global Production Sustainability and operations management

E. Virtual manufacturing and simulation

  • Information systems in production
  • Big data in manufacturing
  • Assembly system design
  • Human factors and resource management
  • Digitalization

F. Learning and education

  • Teaching and learning in engineering and manufacturing
  • Learning organizations
  • Managing industry-academic collaboration